This mission is not over.

NASA is reporting that Voyager has left our solar bubble and is now cruising through interstellar space.  

Watch the press conference LIVE.  Read the press release.  Listen to our story about Voyager. 

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Space Trash: The Next Big Pickle

Earth’s orbit has a bit of a litter problem. Hank outlines a few ways scientists have thought of to help clean things up.

NASA Needs You

Hank usually likes to keep science and politics separated, but the reality is that a lot of scientific research in the United States is funded by the government. This is a problem right now because the disfunction in the world of politics has begun to seriously affect the realm of science. Because of sequestration, NASA needs our help!

Earlier today, mission specialists with NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory announced that they have found, for the first time, evidence of an ancient environment on Mars that could have sustained life.  Hank tells us the specifics in this very special, super-exciting episode of SciShow News.

Hank updates us on two new missions that will help us learn more about some of the fascinating things in our space neighborhood.


Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

“When people look at it, it looks crazy. That’s a very natural thing.”

This is a summary of the Curiosity rover’s descent plan from the top of the Martian atmosphere, from 13,000 mph to zero with zero room for error. There’s 76 explosives, a supersonic parachute, and a completely insane skycrane involved, too.

Hooooooooly crap. At 10:31 PM, PDT, August 5th, 2012 … we will know if it worked. I can’t wait :)

Bonus: Best YouTube comment on this video? “I wish ALL my tax dollars went to NASA”

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On August 5, NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover will touch down on the surface of the Red Planet. Or that’s what we all hope, because it will be the craziest landing in the history of space exploration.

NASA & SETI would like to find these meteorites. They hired a zeppelin!