The Most Dangerous Part of Space Travel: Coming Home

SciShow Space takes you through perhaps the scariest part of every space mission — re-entry. How do astronauts survive the turbulent return to Earth’s atmosphere? Math, y’all! 

Earth’s Underwater Topography & The Recent Space Walk

We just mapped out 80% of our earth and gave the ISS a tuneup! Hank Green explains what is going on in this episode of SciShow Space News!

Great Minds of Astronomy: Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Welcome to SciShow Space! In this episode Caitlin Hofmeister will talk about Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, one of the most influential women in astronomy!

A ‘New Neptune’ With Water, and Cyanide in Space

SciShow Space News shares the latest developments from around the universe, including the discovery of water vapor on a new “exo-Neptune,” and cyanide found in the clouds where stars are born.

What Would Happen If the Planets Lined Up?

Planetary alignments: They’re the favorite astronomical scenario of kooks, con artists, and Hollywood producers everywhere. But has it ever happened? And what would it do to Earth if it did? 

2 Weird Experiments in Human Space Flight

SciShow Space News reveals two weird experiments in human spaceflight: one showed us what it really feels like to walk on the moon, the other put ordinary people through space flight simulation to see how they did. Find out inside!

The Future of Our Sun and Earth

SciShow Space gives you a blow by blow account of what’s going to happen to the sun — and Earth.

Curiosity’s Sequel, and the Key to Finding Alien Life

SciShow Space News shares the latest developments from around the universe, including the Curiosity’s arrival at its final destination, and new insights into what clues we should really be looking for in our search for alien life.

What’s it like on Venus?

SciShow Space takes you on a tour of Venus, a world with such an extreme environment that you might call it “Earth’s evil twin.”

Our New Galactic Neighborhood, and a Tar Comet?

SciShow Space shares the latest news from around the universe, including new insights into the giant supercluster of galaxies that we call home, and the first “data baby” from Rosetta’s rendezvous with a comet.