Coriolis Effect: IDTIMWYTIM

Does your toilet water drain differently than in the other hemisphere? Is it because of the Coriolis effect? Hank has some things to clarify about these questions, and more in this edition of I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.

IDTIMWYTIM: Stochasticity - THAT’S Random

Hank helps us understand the difference between the colloquial meaning of randomness, and the scientific meaning, which is also known as stochasticity. We will learn how, in fact, randomness is surprisingly predictable.

In this edition of IDTIMWYTIM, Hank explains why the common understanding of “equinox” is wrong, what the equinox actually is, and then rages a little against astronomers and their stupid confusing Latin terms.

Hank fixes those of us who are probably wrong about what is and is not a dinosaur… and gives a refresher to those of us who do know this already.