We hope you’re having a wonderful, sunny day no matter what kind of sunglasses you’re wearing! Now, let Hank explain why “polarized sunglasses” is a stupid name! 

Is Earth Getting Heavier?

SciShow Space tackles a viewer question: Is the Earth getting heavier? The answers — there’s actually more than one — may surprise you!

HIV, Circumcision & The Fight Against AIDS

SciShow News reports some promising new findings about the worldwide fight against HIV, including insights about how we can make the most of one of our newest weapons against HIV: circumcision.

Watch the Delta Aquarids, and Meet NASA’s ‘Aquanauts’

SciShow Space preps you for the Delta Aquarids, a meteor shower, and explains what makes them so unique. Plus, join “aquanauts” on one of NASA’s least-known missions, a nine-day tour in its NEEMO undersea laboratory. 

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How Tall Can Skyscrapers Get?

Get an engineeer’s-eye-view of the tallest buildings in the world, learn what challenges they face as they reach for the sky and wonder, how tall can we build?

Why Do Birds Have White And Dark Meat? (And Do We?)

Why do chickens and turkeys have white meat and dark meat? And, like, gross, but … do humans have the same thing? It’s all about our muscles: what they’re made of, and what they’re made for. Quick Questions has the answers!

Moonquakes and Marsquakes

SciShow Space explores the origins of Earthquakes that aren’t on Earth. Moonquakes and Marsquakes can happen, too!

Understanding Trypophobia: The Fear of Holes

In this SciShow dose, Michael Aranda explains mystery behind trypophobia.

SciShow Quiz Show: Dr. Lindsey Doe

In this episode of SciShow Quiz Show, host Michael Aranda test the wits of contestants Dr. Lindsey Doe and Hank Green. 

4 Important Lessons from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

SciShow Space celebrates the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing by highlighting just four of the most important things we learned from the Apollo 11 mission. Subscribe!