Coming Soon: 12 Billion People on Earth

SciShow News explains the science behind the latest virus outbreak in the U.S., and examines surprising new predictions about the future of the world’s human population.

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Quiz Show: Vlogbrothers Face-Off: Hank v. John! 

Welcome back to SciShow Quiz Show! In this episode Hank will be competing with older brother John in a battle of science related trivia on behalf of Subbable subscribers Anna Dilley & Andrew Villarreal. 

Curiosity’s Sequel, and the Key to Finding Alien Life

SciShow Space News shares the latest developments from around the universe, including the Curiosity’s arrival at its final destination, and new insights into what clues we should really be looking for in our search for alien life.

Why Can’t I Put Metal in the Microwave?

We know we’re not supposed to put metal in the microwave, but why? We don’t microwave silverware but what about Hot Pocket wrappers? They have metal on the inside. How does that work? Let Michael Aranda explain.

What’s it like on Venus?

SciShow Space takes you on a tour of Venus, a world with such an extreme environment that you might call it “Earth’s evil twin.”

Thanks to those of you who support us on Subbable, we were able to purchase new lights for filming! Abby the office dog is excited.

Great Minds: Mary Anning, “The Greatest Fossilist in the World”

Learn about Mary Anning, one of England’s most important contributors to the field of paleontology (and check out our entire playlist of Great Minds episodes!). 

Blue Whales and The Smartphone Morality Experiment

Hank shares news about the biggest animal in the history of ever — blue whales — and explains the lessons learned in a new study of human morality, using smartphones.

Why does pepper make us sneeze? ALSO, is it bad if someone snorts pepper, cause my friend did that for a dare during physics class today.

Sneezing is an involuntary reflex to try and get irritants out of our nose and pepper contains a chemical, piperine, that irritates the mucus membrane of the nose by activating your pain and acidity receptors. So, once it’s in there, your body will totally freak and try to get it out of there…with sneezes…lots of sneezes. As for how safe it is…it’s never good to intentionally irritate your mucus membranes, but as long as it doesn’t become a habit (and I can’t see why it should) your friend should be fine.


Gynandromorphs: Dual-Sex Animals

SciShow explores one of the more rare and unusual results of sexual reproduction: gynandromorphy, in which an animal is part male and part female.