Introducing SciShow Talk Show!  Emily, Rhinos, and Cas the Arctic Fox

Featuring Emily of The Brain Scoop ( and Cas the Arctic Fox!
We decided it would be cool to have guests come into the studio and talk about science with Hank.

In our first episode, Emily Graslie chats about rhinoceros conservation and stumps Hank with a very peculiar bone from the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum.
Then Jessi from Animal Wonders introduces Cas the Arctic Fox…and he’s the coolest thing that’s ever peed on Hank’s desk!

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More about rhinoceros conservation:

Check out Animal Wonders Inc. at


Hank Green! + Crash Course! 

Hey fellow nerds and NerdFighters!  Today was really exciting for us in the UMZM, because Hank Green of the extremely popular YouTube channels Vlogbrothers, Crash Course, SciShow, and a variety of other Internet- and real-world famous educational endeavors visited our collection!  For his next episode in Crash Course Hank will be discussing the vertebrate skeleton, so what better place to do off-site filming than our museum?!  Here are some photos I snapped during the shoot.  I’m so excited to post the video next week so, as always, stay tuned!  


This is not a video about relationship advice.